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2023-05-21 - News

The Super Series Powered by CCM is in full swing with a host of important tournaments on its calendar! The 2023 tour starts in May with the  Super Challenge Powered by CCM ! The biggest tournament in Canada welcomed this year more than 401 teams! A pool of players from all over North America who travel to play against the best teams of the 5 weekends on which the challenge takes place! Week 1 includes D2 2016-2015-2014-2013 / D3 2016-2015-2014 Week 2 includes the D3 2013-2012-2011-2010-2009-2008-2007/06 / FESTIVAL 2017 Week 3 includes D1 OPEN 2010-2007 / D2 2012-20...

2023-05-21 - News

We can say that in the hockey world, the  Super Challenge Powered by CCM  leaves no one indifferent! With more than 5 weekends of tournament, 385 teams, and nearly 6,000 players, we can say that the Super Challenge is THE tournam...

2022-11-29 - News

The Super Challenge is more than just a hockey tournament, it's a festive event that's sure to please everyone! Every year, teams from all over Quebec and Ontario take advantage of the breaks between games to have fun outdoors and enjoy the beau...

2022-11-28 - News

At the Super Challenge CCM, every champion team goes back home with the champion belt, it's yours, be proud and show it to everyone! ...

2022-11-28 - News

The Super Challenge Powered by CCM is very proud to have a hockey weekend devoted exclusively to girl's hockey. Indeed, year after year, the girl's edition is always a resounding success. Our girls are on fire! The girl's tournament features...

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